DigiKey receives ISO 27001 certification

DigiKey has announced the addition of ISO 27001 certification to its comprehensive data security program.

This certification enhances DigiKey’s dedication to managing information securely for its customers, suppliers, and partners.

“ISO 27001 certification promotes a holistic approach to information security and is a tool for risk management, cyber-resilience and operational excellence,” said Ramesh Babu, Chief Information Officer at DigiKey. “This approach helps DigiKey become risk-aware and proactively identify and address weaknesses to meet the challenges of cyber-crime while protecting our customers, employees and partners.”

ISO 27001 is the international benchmark for information security management systems, assuring DigiKey’s stakeholders of its adherence to industry best practices in safeguarding information. This certification not only serves as a foundational standard for DigiKey but also facilitates the pursuit of additional certifications, showcasing the company’s commitment to independently audited and standard-aligned security programs.

Beyond ISO 27001 certification, DigiKey’s information security framework includes advanced tools such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) to protect accounts from fraud and unauthorised access.

For more details on DigiKey’s efforts to protect customers, please visit its Trust and Assurance Centre.