Texas Instruments at embedded world 2024

Artem Aginskiy, Product Line Manager for Processors at Texas Instruments talks about  the company’s fastest path to embedded development.

“It’s very important for TI that our customers … have an excellent experience from conception all the way to releasing that product. What this means is that we have to completely simplify how you engage the offering – hardware, software, as well as the ecosystem partnership. A lot of boards from TI are intended to enable our customers to start seamlessly – they get everything they need out of a box, ready to go.”

Key highlights include:

  • Hardware and development kits: TI provides a range of ready-to-use development kits designed to enable quick and seamless project initiation.
  • Software simplification: TI focuses on providing software development kits and tools that simplify the coding and development process.
  • AI and Edge applications: TI is advancing in AI technology, particularly for edge applications where low power and privacy are crucial.
  • Multi-protocol connectivity: TI’s CC2340 product supports multiple connectivity protocols, including Bluetooth, Zigbee, Matter, and Thread.
  • Open source ecosystem: TI collaborates with partners like BeagleBoard to offer open-source hardware solutions.

Aginskiy concluded: “The biggest barrier to getting to the market is proving your concept and then executing on it … By simplifying the access to development tools, software, and hardware, we ultimately enable our developers to get to production much faster, realising their vision much faster and collectively improve the solutions out on the market.”

Watch the full interview here.