TTI Europe introduces MLCCs for fast charging EVs from Murata

TTI IP&E – Europe has unveiled a new line of multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) from Murata.

The EVA series is designed with attributes that are highly beneficial for engineers working on next-generation electric vehicles (EVs). These capacitors are ideal for automotive powertrain applications, including on-board chargers (OBC), battery management systems (BMS), inverters, and DC-DC converters, as well as other industrial, consumer, and medical uses.

Compliant with IEC60384-14 safety standards, the safety-certified Y2 class MLCCs excel at suppressing common mode noise. They come in surface mount packages with a compact 12.7 x 6mm footprint and a 3.7mm profile. These components offer voltage ratings of 305Vac/1500Vdc and support creepage distances of 10mm. This allows them to meet the increased isolation demands of the industry’s shift to 800V powertrains for faster charging, while also addressing the need for miniaturisation and weight reduction.

The EVA series provides capacitance values from 0.1nF to 4.7nF and operates within an extended temperature range of -55 to +125°C. It is AEC-Q200 qualified. The MLCCs are tested to withstand elevated voltages of 2000VAC/60s and 4000VDC/60s, ensuring they can handle transient overvoltages like voltage surges and switching transients. Additionally, they feature low equivalent series inductance (ESL), making them suitable for high-frequency applications. The metal terminal arrangement enhances elasticity, reducing the risk of solder and deflection cracks, thus ensuring long-term reliability.

“As EV powertrains move to higher voltages, longer creepage distances are now being mandated for use in automotive powertrains. At the same time, these parts must take up less physical space,” explains Felix Corbett, Director of Supplier Marketing, Passives and Discrete Components, TTI, Inc. – Europe. “Drawing on Murata’s advanced resin moulding capabilities, the EVA series of MLCCs exceeds these requirements, combining extended creepage with compactness.”

TTI offers technical support and product samples for design and prototyping. The company’s local and regional logistics support program ensures all necessary inventory levels are maintained through to production.