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ECIA announces new research

ECIA announces new research on the value of authorised partners

ECIA announces the release of an updated study, ‘The Value Delivered by Authorised Channel Partners for Electronic Components’.

This study provides a model and value analysis of authorised distribution and independent manufacturers’ representatives for electronics component manufacturers. The original analysis, conducted over 20 years ago, aimed to demonstrate the value of services provided by electronic component distributors.

Given the significant industry changes since the initial publication, ECIA members and staff collaborated with professors and graduate students from Texas A&M University’s Global Supply Chain Laboratory to research and produce this new report. Texas A&M was chosen for their ability to provide an independent perspective, their robust analytical capabilities through a renowned supply chain research programme, and their prior involvement in the original study.

ECIA report

Tom Wichert, Exec. VP Sales & Marketing, TDK-Lambda Americas Inc, and Chair of ECIA’s Manufacturer Council explains the significance of the new study: “ECIA has refreshed a 20-year-old Texas A&M study that focused on the value of the services electronic component distributors provide. The new study, developed through a process of surveys and interviews with supply chain participants, does an excellent job of considering items such as product volume, distributor type (broadline, specialised, high service) as well as leveraging new benefits such as value-add services and the digitisation of the sales process.”

ECIA Chief Analyst Dale Ford added: “This new study shows how authorised distributors and manufacturer representatives deliver value through a customer centric approach, demand creation, and strategies for generating, managing, and sustaining growth. The nature and value of the manufacturer/distributor relationship continues to grow. Multiple customer case studies conducted in this new research that revolve around existing customers, new customers and EMS/ODM customers reveal the diverse range of value and solutions delivered by authorized distributors and manufacturer representatives.”

The Report Foreword is available to all for reading. The full report and report summary are available to ECIA members only.