Farnell boosts e-mobility power portfolio

Farnell is addressing the need to deliver more power for e-mobility applications with Traco Power’s range of DC/DC converters.

Farnell Product Segment Leader for Traco Power, Steve Hallgate, said: “Compact, reliable and, above all, robust DC/DC converters are essential to meet the ever-increasing demands of e-mobility applications. Very often, such converters must endure extreme and fluctuating temperatures in harsh environments for years without issue. Those attributes of endurance and reliability are what set these Traco Power converters apart.”

Traco power’s product range have decisive advantages as they:

  1. Operate extremely reliable for years, even in harsh environmental conditions
  2. Have optimised heat dissipation and operate without additional fan
  3. Achieve over 90% efficiency
  4. Operate reliably over a wide temperature range , from -40 – 85°C

The Traco Power DC/DC converters available at Farnell include:

  • The TEP 150UIR and TEP 200UIR series, which are railway-certified DC/DC converters designed for high reliability in demanding applications. Their ultra-wide 12:1 input voltage range enables application engineers to target an array of nominal system voltages with a single power supply design
  • The THN 30WIR series, also designed for exceptionally high reliability in harsh environments, provides an output power of 30W in an EN 50155 railway certified wide input voltage range. Shielded by a metal enclosure on all six sides for lowest susceptibility to electromagnetic interference, the THN 30WIR’s full encapsulation guarantees resistance to thermal shocks as well as mechanical shocks and vibration, all in a 1 x 1” metal package
  • The TMR 12WI series offers a very high-power density of 4.73W/cm³ in an ultra-compact SIP-8 metal package, occupying only 2.0cm² (0.3 square inch) of board space. Its outstanding efficiency allows for an extended operating temperature range of -40 to +65°C without derating under natural convection conditions. The compact dimensions of these converters make them ideal for space-critical applications
  • The TRI 1 series is a high isolation, regulated DC/DC converter that comes in a small SIP-8 package. Its core feature is a sophisticated, reinforced isolation system that can withstand high test voltages (8000VDC for 1s and 3000VAC for 60s) and working voltages (480VACrms). Its efficiency enables safe operation from -40 to +85°C without derating. As it holds the latest IT safety certifications (IEC/EN/UL 62368-1) the TRI 1 series is the perfect choice for many demanding low-power applications in the industrial, transportation and instrumentation sectors.

Hallgate concluded: “These space-saving Traco DC/DC converters are tough, reliable and highly efficient in virtually any operating environment. You couldn’t ask for more confidence in a converter for the e-mobility market.”

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