Procurement Pro is now on LinkedIn

Procurement Pro, a leading print and digital magazine for procurement professionals in the electronics industry, is excited to announce the launch of its new LinkedIn page.

The newly launched page will serve as an extension of the magazine’s mission to be the “go-to” guide for industry professionals seeking top components and reliable sourcing strategies. The page will provide followers with real-time updates, industry news, and exclusive content, helping to support the decision-making processes of procurement professionals.

Via the LinkedIn page, followers will have access to daily insights.

Here are some key features that Procurement Pro covers:

In-depth coverage: Articles and reports on Supply Chain Management, Sourcing Strategies, Environmental Sustainability, Risk Management, Regulation, Black & Grey Markets, Quality Assurance/Counterfeit Concerns, Obsolete Parts, Traceability, and Automation.

Expert contributions: Insights from leading distributors, suppliers, and trade associations, providing readers with diverse perspectives and expert opinions.

Focused content: Targeted analysis and discussions that address the specific challenges and opportunities in electronics procurement.

Paige West, Managing Editor of Procurement Pro, announced: “We are excited to introduce our new LinkedIn page, which offers readers the latest industry insights, expert analyses, and updates on procurement best practices. This platform will serve as a hub for connecting with professionals, sharing valuable resources, and staying informed on trends shaping the procurement landscape.”

Procurement Pro, published quarterly, is dedicated to offering expert guidance, strategic insights, and practical tips to simplify and streamline the procurement process in the electronics sector. With a circulation of 41,000 procurement professionals, the magazine has established itself as a crucial resource for navigating the complex landscape of electronics procurement.

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