TTI Europe is now stocking TVS diodes from Vishay

TTI IP&E – Europe has launched the T6NxCA series of leadless surface-mount PAR uni- and bi-directional transient voltage suppressors (TVS) manufactured by Vishay.

These TVS diodes are especially suited for high-stress environments such as automotive applications, along with consumer, medical, industrial, and telecom sectors.

These devices meet AEC-Q101 and Automotive Grade standards and are enclosed in a sleek DFN3820A package, which has a typical height of just 0.88mm. This new package surpasses the traditional DO-220AA package in footprint compatibility and includes side-wettable flanks designed for automatic optical inspection (AOI). The range includes models from T6N12CA to T6N100CA, with stand-off voltages spanning from 10.2 to 100V. They offer a peak pulse power capacity of 600W at 10/1000μs and maintain a low leakage current, from as little as 1μA at voltages ranging from 16.7 to 137V, and can operate at temperatures up to +185°C. Their robust clamping ability makes them indispensable in safeguarding sensitive electronic components from voltage spikes caused by inductive load switching and lightning, particularly in circuits within automotive infotainment systems.

As Markus Walz, Business Development Manager, Discretes TTI – Europe, explains: “The high-level performance and high reliability of infotainment systems are now becoming more critical as they effectively control everything – from opening windows to customizing the advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) system. Vishay’s high-quality T6NxCA series of TVS diodes feature the excellent clamping capability needed for the sensitive electronics in these systems.”

TTI also provides technical support and can supply engineers with product samples for design purposes and prototyping. Furthermore, the company’s comprehensive local and regional logistics programme ensures the availability of necessary inventory levels from initial design phases through to full-scale production.