Farnell introduces Murata’s latest UWB and LoRa connectivity modules

Farnell introduces Murata's latest UWB and LoRa connectivity modules

Farnell is now offering Murata’s newest Ultra-Wideband (UWB) and LoRa connectivity modules, designed to streamline wireless development and certification, making it easier to integrate wireless capabilities into a diverse range of applications.

Murata’s UWB modules deliver high-accuracy location functionality with compact UWB tag and anchor functions. These modules include integrated RF front ends, simplifying implementation and reducing the need for extensive RF expertise, enabling developers to effortlessly add advanced location features to their projects.

Murata’s LoRa modules offer a compact, integrated solution with an embedded MCU, giving developers the flexibility to use the MCU as the Host for an End Node, providing ample customisation options for various projects.

Murata’s UWB modules

Murata’s UWB modules deliver quality location accuracy, opening new possibilities for asset tracking and Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) applications, with location accuracy down to 0.1m for both indoor and outdoor environments. The UWB modules available at Farnell include:

  • FiRa certified UWB module, Type 2BP: this ultra-small UWB module includes NXP’s SR150 UWB chipset, clock, filters, and peripheral components, making it ideal for general IoT devices, including battery-operated devices
  • UWB module with integrated BLE wireless MCU, Type 2AB: designed to be ultra-small, high-quality, and low power consumption, this module can operate on the wireless MCU, making it suitable for wearables and size-critical applications
  • UWB tag module with integrated BLE wireless MCU, Type 2DK: an all-in-one UWB + Bluetooth LE combo module that integrates NXP Trimension SR040 UWB Chipset, NXP QN9090 Bluetooth LE + MCU chipset, onboard antenna, and peripheral components. It is ideal for UWB Tag/Tracker applications powered by coin-cell batteries and general IoT devices

Murata’s LoRa modules

Murata’s Type 1SJ LoRa Modules are among the smallest in the lineup and include the Semtech SX1262 LoRa ConnectTM Transceiver IC and ST Microelectronics STM32L0 MCU, providing a regulatory-certified module that can serve as the core of a LoRa End Node product design. The LoRa modules available at Farnell include:

  • LoRa OpenMCU Module, Type 1SJ-295: supplied in an OpenMCU configuration, this module allows custom applications to be flashed to the integrated MCU, along with the LoRa Stack
  • LoRaWAN Modem Module, Type 1SJ-6868: pre-flashed with modem firmware and EUI, supporting LoRaWAN operation via AT Commands
  • LoRa Module Evaluation Kit: supports development and verification for both OpenMCU and Modem configurations of the module

Customers can purchase Murata modules from Farnell in EMEA, element14 in APAC, and Newark in North America.