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Mouser Electronics at embedded world 2024

At embedded world 2024, Mark Burr-Lonnon Senior Vice President, Global sales at Mouser Electronics talks to Electronic Specifier’s Editor, Mick Elliott about how Q1 is looking for Mouser and trends in the distribution and semiconductor industry.

“It’s been an interesting last six months. It started slowing down through last year, we expected Q1 to be quiet like last year, but we’ve seen signs of pickup in the last couple of months. The industry is headed in the right direction, it’s probably headed more slowly in the right direction than we all predicted a year ago but I think the signs are now that it’s looking good right across the board.”Q1 Performance and Industry Outlook

Mark Burr-Lonnon revealed that Q1 showed signs of recovery after a slow start last year:
“We’ve seen signs of pickup in the last couple of months, which is good … We expect it to pick up in Q3 and Q4 a lot more.”

Product availability

Mouser Electronics has maintained strong product availability by investing $2 billion in inventory, buffering the company from market fluctuations. Lead times are mostly stable, with semiconductors showing a slight uptick.

Regional market trends

Discussing regional performance, Burr-Lonnon noted that the Americas have been particularly strong, driven by military and aerospace demands. Europe, though improving, remains behind the Americas, while Asia is still soft, with India being a notable bright spot.

Control and automation products

Mouser continues to expand its offerings in control and automation by adding new lines and going deeper into existing ones, focusing on products that align with the company’s shipping capabilities.

eCommerce and customer experience

Highlighting the company’s eCommerce efforts, Burr-Lonnon explained that Mouser continuously enhances its website to ensure a seamless experience for customers worldwide. The company also supports multiple languages, reflecting its commitment to localised customer service.

Warehouse expansion

Mouser’s warehouse expansion is set to double its capacity by mid-year. This timing coincides well with anticipated market growth, positioning the company advantageously.

Watch the full interview here.