Supply Chain Management

11 Disruptive Logistics Start-Ups Shaking Up Supply Chain

Yes, every new business is a startup, but when we refer to startups today we typically mean that the company shows a lot of promise and could potentially bring with it a significant amount of money, innovation, and unique or disruptive concepts.

Let’s take a look at the startups making moves in the logistics space these days. Keep an eye out because they may just change the way supply chain professionals conduct certain operations.

  1.  Scallog:  This French startup is optimizing the order-fulfillment process by using automated guided vehicles that lift up over 1,300 lbs and carry storage shelves at rapid rates to improve warehouse efficiency.
  2. Coyote: This U.S.-based startup provides transportation and logistics services to shippers in North America. Coyote provides truckload services such as dry van freight, temperature-controlled freight, specialized truckload, and cross-border solutions. In addition, it offers project management services as well as managed LTL solutions, and open-deck transportation, over-the-load, and shipment coordination solutions.
  3. Smart-Robotics: This company, based in Germany, builds cobots, or collaborative robotic arms, in all different sizes for all different needs. The arms are highly flexible with six joints that mimic human hand movement.
  4. Convoy: This U.S.- based company is reinventing trucking with its on-demand service for regional and local shipments. The company employs the latest technology to connect shippers with nearby trucking companies in order to help them book jobs instantly, without the negotiating and on short notice.
  5. CargoX was developed to provide shippers with a smart and efficient solution to transport diverse types of products around Brazil via technology, information, and know-how in transport. The service is based on a technology that has a growing network of 100,000 truckers.
  6. oculavis: This company, also based in Germany, produces smart glasses for hands-free work. The startup employs of AR to create new applications including picking and placing orders by vision, scanning, and real-time tracking.
  7. Unmanned Life:   The U.K.- based company is getting noticed for its use of drone technology. Currently it’s working on creating the world’s first, fully autonomous drone-based parcel sorting center.
  8. Quiqup provides businesses with affordable on-demand logistics services. The company’s fleet picks up and drops anything, and offers transportation options such as car, scooter, or bicycle, as well as real-time tracking for deliveries.
  9. Transmetrics, located in Bulgaria is a startup on a mission to make delivery more efficient by providing logistics companies with network optimization and demand forecasts using predictive analytics and big data.
  10. Sentenai use of sensor networks to support real-time intelligence across logistics networks and the cloud. The system gathers a company’s data to increase system intelligence and helps then adapts to changes as it learns more about a stream’s structure.
  11.  CargoSense is an IoT-focused startup that lets companies track valuable assets by using their platform. Its software taps into data provided by internet-connected sensors and guarantees companies full transparency so they can see where a package is until delivery.