15 Hot Emerging Tech Jobs in 2019

It can be argued that there’s a talent shortage in the supply chain industry. But where are all of our workers going? Into tech.

What’s the driving force behind the tech sector’s $3 trillion market value? Tech products are becoming more affordable. This has led to stunning growth in the tech job market, both in number of jobs and in the salaries they earn. The hottest tech jobs are in cryptocurrency, specifically blockchain, where job growth has exploded by 3,300 percent since 2014. Artificial Intelligence is the other big driver, along with a variety of roles in the auto industry that push us ever closer to self-driving cars.

What makes a tech job “hot” and “emerging”?, the digital business publication, focused on jobs either making a comeback within the last five to ten years, or jobs that were created recently. The publication also looked at jobs with salaries above $61,000 per year, the national average salary of tech workers with a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, the study also tracked to see job growth, which has doubled each year since 2014. 

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1) Embedded Systems R&D Test Engineer

Sector: Self-Driving Automobiles
Average Annual Salary: $238,000

2) Deep Learning Architect

Sector: Artificial Intelligence
Average Annual Salary: $213,700

3) Machine Learning Engineer

Sector: Artificial Intelligence
Average Annual Salary: $213,000

4) 5G Solutions Engineer

Sector: Telecommunications
Average Annual Salary: $197,000

5) Blockchain Developer

Sector: Cryptocurrency
Average Annual Salary: $162,500

6) Director, Cannabis Technology

Sector: Cannabis
Average Annual Salary: $158,500

7) Big Data Architect

Sector: Artificial Intelligence
Average Annual Salary: $151,000

8) Cloud Architect

Sector: Cloud Computing
Average Annual Salary: $139,000

9) Geospatial Software Engineer

Sector: Aerospace Technology (Drones)
Average Annual Salary: $115,500

10) Simulation Engineer

Sector: Research & Design
Average Annual Salary: $101,700

11) Cell Engineer

Sector: Alternative Energy & Automobile Manufacturing
Average Annual Salary: $101,000

12) Quantum Computing Researcher

Sector: Quantum Computing
Average Annual Salary: $97,500

13) Productivity Developer

Sector: Sharing Economy Programming
Average Annual Salary: $93,000

14) Tech Vlogger

Sector: Blogging/Vlogging
Average Annual Salary: $85,500

15) Live Streaming Engineer

Sector: Video Production
Average Annual Salary: $77,500 used the following weighted metrics to determine this year’s hottest jobs in tech and they include:

  • Estimated Industry Value – This reveals how much a market is worth at any given time using revenue generated from companies within the market.
  • Projected Market Growth – The publication looked for compounded annual growth rate of at least triple the average growth of the global economy (current 5.4%).
  • Availability of Positions– identified those positions that are becoming widely available (where at least 100 open positions can currently be found at various companies across the country).
  • Average Annual Salary – When the publication defines “hot jobs” it means those with high salaries. looked for tech jobs that have average annual salaries higher than $61,000, which is the national average for those in the tech sector who have a bachelor’s degree.

“Blockchain, AI, and car technology are all exploding at the same time and driving the exponential growth in the tech sector,” says Eric Noe, Editor-in-Chief, “These technologies are changing the way we live, and they’re creating a wave of hot new jobs at the same time.”