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18 Reasons People Choose Careers in Supply Chain Management

Why does anyone decide on a particular career path? The experience is a unique and personal one. We asked around various social forums to find out why real people chose a path in supply chain and related fields.

Some responses were the kinds you’d expect in many industries. For example, family history or accidental position, but many respondents felt true passion for the career paths they chose.

Watch this video for a re-cap. Can you relate to any of these answers? Why did you decide to take on a career in supply chain management?

So, why do people embark on this career path? General responses included:

  • Because of the everyday challenges.
  • Because they grew up in a family of similar professionals and grew to love it, too.
  • Because it fuels their adrenaline.
  • Because of a true passion and desire to met demand.
  • A love of the three P’s: planning, perseverance, and precision.
  • Because it never gets boring.
  • Because of the opportunity to travel and meet new clients.
  • Because it’s interesting, difficult, and thankless, but has a satisfying nature.
  • Because you feel like a magician when you meet demand and supply.
  • Because of the ability to virtually handle the world.
  • Supply Chain Management chose them.
  • Because it’s a good long-term career option.
  • Because there are many job opportunities.
  • Because it’s a career about the future.
  • Because it’s the lifeline of an organization.

For those who just fell into the career, their paths were very personal. Perhaps they started with a heavy manufacturing OEM that granted them the SAP and ERP experience and ended up in procurement analytics.

For others, it was the only career that seemed to suit their natural skill sets. Some professionals just couldn’t decide on one area of business so they decided on supply chain because it encompasses the whole business and connected various aspects.

Some climbed the ladder over decades, beginning in retail and gradually worked with orders and inventory.

Regardless of how he or she landed in supply chain, the overall drive was a deep love of challenge and meeting demand, coupled with a passion for innovation.

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