Comprehensive lifecycle support for onsemi product solutions

onsemi is a semiconductor manufacturer offering a wide range of products developed through acquisitions and continuous investments.

Its diverse portfolio positions them as a key supplier in the automotive, industrial, 5G and Cloud power, medical, aerospace, and defence sectors.

A common requirement across these applications is reliable long-term product support. onsemi has partnered with Rochester Electronics to provide extended-life solutions for customers with long lifecycle systems. Rochester’s longstanding partnership with onsemi dates back to 1999, originating from its Motorola semiconductor roots. The partnership has continued and grown with onsemi’s acquisition of products and technologies from AMI Semi, Catalyst, Sanyo, Aptina Imaging, and Fairchild Semiconductor.

Rochester supports over four billion units of active and end-of-life onsemi components representing 44,000-part number combinations.

Its product portfolio covers technologies in the areas of:

  • Power Management
  • Discrete Power
  • Timing
  • Sensors
  • Logic
  • Memory