Harwin offers free whitepaper on floating connector technology

Harwin has announced the availability of a technical paper that examines how engineers can implement robust board-to-board interconnects for high-performance data and power connectivity while addressing the challenges that high-speed automated manufacture can sometimes have on quality and ongoing reliability.

Available as a free download, the ‘Floating Board-to-Board Connectors’ whitepaper is a technical resource targeted at engineers deploying multiple, high-density, small form-factor board-to-board connections between pairs of PCBs. Among the topics covered are the problems that modern ‘pick-and-place’ systems can present to the alignment of these connectors and the impact that such misalignment can have during manufacture and operational life.

After covering the challenges, the paper introduces the concept of ‘floating’ board-to-board connectors – connectors that use an innovative spring-like suspension mechanism to absorb misalignments and small movements in multiple axes. Readers will discover how such connectors minimise the possibility of misalignment during manufacture, supporting high-speed PCB production and contributing to robust interconnects that are better placed to withstand shock and vibration when deployed in the field.

Applications most suited to floating connectors are also discussed before a comprehensive overview of the technical specifications and capabilities of the latest floating connector technologies.

The ‘Floating Board-to-Board Connectors’ whitepaper is available free of charge from: