PEI-Genesis named authorised distributor for CONEC

PEI-Genesis has been named an authorised distributor for CONEC globally. This strategic partnership marks a milestone for both companies, amplifying their collective capabilities to serve diverse markets in the industrial sector worldwide.

CONEC, a member of the Amphenol Group, specialises in providing connector solutions tailored to demanding environments across a diverse array of industries. CONEC products serve as integral components within critical infrastructure worldwide, spanning automation, telecommunications, energy technology, machine manufacturing, agriculture, medical technology, transportation, and the aviation industry.

This expansion further solidifies PEI’s relationship with Amphenol, its largest supplier, by integrating Amphenol’s quality and innovation into PEI’s portfolio of rugged environment connector solutions. W

This partnership brings additional IP67K D-Sub connectors, RJ45 connectors, and USB connectors to PEI’s existing product portfolio, allowing PEI-Genesis to grow its industrial product offering to support customers’ needs. More specifically, PEI-Genesis can offer customers a multitude of variations, including standard and high-density layouts, combination, filter, micro, and hoods, along with a comprehensive selection of contacts, tooling, and accessories to ensure seamless integration and optimal functionality.

“With our shared commitment to excellence and innovation, this partnership represents an exciting opportunity to elevate our collective offerings and better serve our customers’ evolving needs,” remarked Shaun Findley, Global Director of Product & Purchasing at PEI-Genesis.

“Historically, Conec’s core business in North America has been focused on the D-Sub connector. By leveraging PEI-Genesis’ expertise in this product series, we can expand our market reach and strengthen our brand presence,” said Nicholas Diamandas, Managing Director North America CONEC.