Procurement Pro’s successful launch

The launch of Procurement Pro, a publication dedicated to the evolving and complex world of procurement in the electronic components market, has been a success, with its maiden magazine, event debut, and more announcements to come.

Maiden magazine

The February issue marked the first release for Procurement Pro, offering guidance on the changing decision-making processes in the electronics sector. It aimed to become the go-to guide for industry professionals sourcing top components.

The edition provided insights into various topics, including:

  • Semiconductor analysis
  • Procurement and sourcing strategies
  • An investigation into the black and grey components markets
  • A spotlight on the industrial sector
  • Commentary from the Chairman of the Electronic Components Supply Network (ecsn)

With the first edition being well received, the team at Procurement Pro looked forward to the next release. In case you missed the February edition, you could find it here.

Procurement Pro at embedded world and APEC

The start of the year was busy for Procurement Pro, with the print issue debuting at the Applied Power Electronics Conference 2024 (APEC 2024), from 25th to 29th February in Long Beach, California, and embedded world 2024, from 9th to 11th April in Nuremberg, Germany.

Whether at the Electronic Specifier stand or the press sections, the first print issue of Procurement Pro was a must-read, marking the first of many more to come.

Procurement Pro website launch

Procurement Pro also had exciting news with the launch of its official website. The website will provide further insights, commentary from industry names, market analysis, and much more.

Coming in summer 2024, readers would not have long to wait for even more informative

Upcoming issue

The team is now pleased to bring you the second edition where we turn our focus to quality assurance and sustainability.

Both of these are critical considerations for procurement professionals in the electronics industry. Quality assurance ensures that products meet rigorous standards of performance and reliability, which is essential for maintaining the integrity and efficiency of electronic systems. By implementing robust quality assurance protocols, companies can minimise the incidence of defects and reduce costly recalls, thereby enhancing brand reputation and consumer trust.

Similarly, environmental sustainability is increasingly pivotal as industries face stringent regulations on waste, emissions, and resource usage. Procurement professionals who prioritise sustainability not only comply with these regulatory demands but also contribute to the conservation of resources and reduction of environmental impact. This approach aligns with growing consumer expectations for ethical and environmentally conscious manufacturing practices, potentially leading to increased market share and competitive advantage.

This issue also features an automotive industry focus, and power product highlights. As all issues will, the magazine will continue to feature market insights, specialist commentary, and supplier spotlights.

The May launch coincides with the Electronic Distributor Show (EDS), 21st to 24th May 2024, at Resorts World, Las Vegas. Attendees of the show can meet the Procurement Pro team and pick up their own edition of the magazine.

You can read the May issue here.