Camera modules and lenses join Avnet Silica’s EMEA linecard

Avnet Silica has signed an EMEA-wide franchise agreement with Allied Vision, a manufacturer of industrial camera modules and lenses.

The agreement provides customers with complementary support for varied needs, from optics over cameras to image processing on embedded SoCs, through Avnet Silica’s EMEA Software and Services team.

Allied Vision’s location in Stadtroda, Germany enables Avnet Silica to leverage short lead times and swiftly meet market demands, offering a variety of image sensors in one unified housing and driver API. The supplier’s commitment to high quality manufacturing is demonstrated through active sensor and lens alignment, enhancing image quality, and streamlining data processing.

The products comply with ISO 13485 medical certification emphasising Allied Vision’s dedication to international standards for medical devices and opening new market opportunities.

Avnet Silica Software and Services EMEA’s mainline driver for Alvium cameras has been integrated and accepted into the Linux kernel.

“The mainline driver’s availability for our Alvium platform marks an extremely important milestone, not only for the cooperation between Allied Vision and Avnet Silica, but also for all users. This driver ensures optimal compatibility with current and future embedded vision solutions and simplifies the integration of Alvium cameras into Linux and ARM platforms,” said Torben Maschmann, Director Software & Quality Assurance, Allied Vision.

“We are delighted to welcome Allied Vision as a supplier,” added Michael Roeder, Senior Manager, Avnet Silica Software and Services EMEA. “Maintaining the Windows and Linux drivers by Avnet Silica not only offers our customers a one-stop-shop for integration and prototyping support and end-to-end vision consulting, but also ensures optimal compatibility and an actively maintained, seamless evaluation and prototyping ecosystem for all our major SoC franchises, such as AMD, NXP and Renesas. We look forward to providing customers with the best consulting services, bring-up, and development support.”

The addition of Allied Vision as a supplier also benefits customers interested in adopting Avnet Embedded module solutions and want to profit from the Software & Services EMEA enablement for Avnet Embedded boards.

Allied Vision camera modules complement embedded image processing devices based on models by Avnet Embedded, ensuring product development and deployment efficiency.

And through Allied Vision, Avnet Silica now supports customers’ requests for lenses and image sensors outside its linecard, such as Sony sensors.

The partnership was launched during last month’s embedded world 2024 exhibition, where Avnet Silica featured demonstrations of Allied Vision’s GMSL2 Alvium camera on Windows 10 IoT and an NXP i.MX8MPlus running mainline Linux.