Quality Assurance

Combating the risk of semiconductor counterfeits

Counterfeit semiconductors pose an ever-present threat to the safety and reliability of electronic equipment, especially during times of allocation or scarcity of discontinued parts.

Sourcing components through unauthorised independent channels for faster deliveries or lower prices introduces the risk of counterfeits. This can potentially damage customers’ end-equipment, threaten the safety of end-users, and endanger the customer’s reputation. Incidents have repeatedly demonstrated that the use of counterfeit devices results in severe fines for companies and responsible employees.

The risks associated with counterfeits cannot be fully eliminated by additional testing, and third-party testing processes cannot guarantee quality. These severe limitations leave customers open to added scrap, rework, in-service unreliability, and litigation.

However, the risks of counterfeit semiconductors can be eliminated by following basic sourcing principles. Fully authorised partners exist to support customers during active shortages and their need for obsolete semiconductors, sometimes even 30 years after the original discontinuation.

Authorised partners serve as the first line of defence against counterfeiters.

What is a counterfeit product, and how do they enter the supply chain? How are counterfeit semiconductors identified?

Read Rochester Electronics’ whitepaper on how to combat the risks of semiconductor counterfeits.

In 2006, Rochester Electronics launched a comprehensive anti-counterfeit awareness campaign in collaboration with original component manufacturer (OCM) partners to expose counterfeit and substandard products in the supply chain. Rochester hosted a symposium with OCM partners to raise awareness of this critical risk, attended by representatives from the customer base, industry experts, and government officials. Rochester initiated the formation of the Semiconductor Industry Association’s Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force and actively promotes best procurement practices to combat counterfeit and substandard products, working collaboratively with Customs and Border Protection, the Department of Justice, and other legal entities.

Authorised aftermarket suppliers and manufacturers, such as Rochester Electronics, as named by the United States Department of Defence DFARS, provide 100% guaranteed and counterfeit-free sources for active-shortage and obsolete semiconductors.

Finished devices stored and supplied by authorised sources are guaranteed to come only from the OCM and to have been stored in line with the OCM’s recommendations. These products offer a 100% conformance guarantee.

As a licensed manufacturer, Rochester Electronics offers ongoing production of obsolete devices. Built from known-good die, these products are tested using the OCM’s test procedures and, in many cases, the original test equipment. Devices are guaranteed to be 100% compliant with the original specifications.

All resulting products are 100% certified, licensed, guaranteed, and sold with full approval under the original manufacturer’s part number.