Online resources for electric vehicle charge stations

Farnell announced the release of its latest solutions guide, focusing on electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

It is expected to be the definitive resource for all aspects of EV charging station development, covering power management, connectivity, and security.

The guide recognised the diversity of EV charging station requirements and their respective applications as they rapidly populated areas ranging from residential neighbourhoods and commercial complexes to workplaces, public spaces, and designated corporate fleet charging platforms. Whether developers are creating new solutions for occasional vehicle charging or innovative quick charge stations for busy travellers, this guide will help them arrive at the ideal EV charging infrastructure for their application faster and more confidently.

Farnell Regional Solutions Marketing Manager, Ankur Tomar, said: “We have devoted many hours of technical expertise into this guide. The entire team of contributors felt it was vital to share their expertise to ensure that all those who are engaging in the development of EV charging solutions were able to get definitive answers that would enable them to make fast, yet highly confident decisions. We believe all of that knowledge, and more, is reflected in its content, making it a useful how-to-guide that incorporates all the relevant technical information too.”

In addition to the new solutions guide, Farnell has amassed a huge repository of online information on EV charger solutions hub from details about power distribution units, input protection, connectors and payment security through to microcontrollers, PLCs and everything in between. The library of materials for EVs is readily available with not only practical application and operational details, but detailed individual product information and pricing.

Ankur added: “This is one of the most comprehensive reference resources we have ever complied, and it illustrates the importance we place on EV charging and associated markets. It is an especially valuable source of information for the transition to more efficient energy use.”

Farnell’s EV solutions guide is available in English language only and can be downloaded here and the EV reference library can be accessed by clicking here.